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About Us
Kmax IT Professionals is a well established software company, we started with honest and faith, to help customer or clients businesses by working with them as a partners. We are providing services to all types of clients, we don’t do a lot but what we do, we do well, in the areas of Software development, ERP, SEO and web designing. If you have project we are here to help you professionally.

What we do : -
We are a team of designers and usability experts, web developers, and real world marketers. We design and build new platforms for your business like for website, social media website and mobile solutions. We work together to design or to build website, social and Mobile apps for start up and mid-sized companies across the world and we make SEO for them. We offer wide range of services that exceed your expectations.

We work together with our clients
  • To deliver the right solution, at the right price
  • We are open and honest in our communication
  • Sharing information and knowledge and clear insight into options, status, pricing and timescales
  • We are committed to our clients to ensure they obtain the highest possible standards of service and quality of product
Our Experience : -
  1. Responsive Website Design for viewing your websites on all devices.
  2. Google API integration in a website and mobile.
  3. Payment Gateway for online business and E-commerce websites.
  4. Social Media Promotions, marketing for your websites.
  5. Facebook Integration and application development.
  6. API Integration of Fedex, Purolator, DHL, UPS, etc
  7. New Feature Implementation in your Existing Software
  8. Integration with other Software, Services, Applications
  9. Data Import, Export Issues
  10. Auto Alert through email, SMS, etc
  11. Migration of Software Application
  12. Migration of Data from any format to any other format
  13. Web Site Development, Web application, Mobile Application
  14. Search Engine Optimization of the Web Site
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Flash Design
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Dedicated Hiring
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